About Film


Genre: Documentary
Time: 76 Minutes
Languages: English & Hebrew with English Subtitles.

Log Line:
Freedom Fighters of NILI tells the forgotten story of a Jewish espionage network that changed history by assisting the British liberate Palestine from Ottoman rule during World War I.

Short Synopsis

The Freedom Fighters of NILI is a documentary film about the heroic efforts of the Aaronsohns and the NILI spy network, which assisted the British in its fight against the Ottoman Empire in Palestine during World War I.  Nili (Hebrew language) an acronym from  (I Samuel 15:29; transliteration: Netzakh Yisrael Lo Yishaker, literal translation: "The Eternity of Israel will not lie").

From the press.........

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Jewish Press, April 16, 2010
TBO.com, February 3, 2010

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